Ricky Towers

Board Member Towers heads Towers Sports and Marketing a prestigious group of meeting and event planners.  He is a father and is married to Shirley Towers.

Joe E. Cooper

Chef & his lovely wife, Barbara are owners of Country Boy Foods.  His A to Z Catering Services offers a range of American food selection.  He said, "I can cook everything, If its a bear you want, I'll find a bear for you!"

Brenda Walls

Johnny Jackson

Owner, Aloha Consulting, a retired prizefighter.  He'll fights for you to advertise your business or event.

Charles Barber

Mr. Charles Barber is the President of Centrair Electric.  He is best known for his position of Exalted Ruler, Paran Elks Lodge.

Retired Assemblyman Harvey J. Munford

Assemblyman Harvey Munford served 6 terms and two special sessions before retiring from the Nevada State Assembly.   Mr. Munford is a staunch advocate for the restoration of Historic Moulin Rouge and for the revitalization of the Historic Westside..

Jerry Xu

Chemist and Advocate for Better Relations with Chinese Community

Mr. Jerry Xu is an active member of the Chamber.  He is the lead on the Sino American Partnership Association. 

Jerry represents the International Business Council Las Vegas.  His wife, Sarah, is the international traveler.