Founding President Katherine Duncan

The Las Vegas Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce was created to provide a voice from the  business community on matters impacting our City's government.  With so many opportunities for business and community development in the heart of Las Vegas, Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce took a socially conscious approach to development by promoting sustainable community development. Katherine Duncan earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration UNLV where her son, Jalil Briley is currently attending and playing football.  Her son, Derek Duncan, is proud owner of Decolights, Inc.  Protecting the environment, helping those who are less fortunate, educating our youth and working on interfaith peace building brings together a network of superior business owners.  Of all of her activities, she enjoys arranging conferences and events centered on fostering better race relations for Africa's people. When you join this network, you become part of a family of caring individuals, businesses, schools, churches, residents and property owners.

We are working to create the first Historic LEED Green Certified Home

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